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Pneumatic power manipulator

Robot, also known as the balance hanging, balancing booster, manual transfer machine, is a novel, and help for material handling equipment installation effort operation. It skillfully balance principle applied forces, the operator of the corresponding sliding heavy, you can balance the mobile positioning within the space. Forming a floating state when weight lifting or lowering. Without skilled jog operation, the operator manually push heavy objects, you can put the weight correctly placed anywhere in space.Robot's advantages: safety, save labor and improve efficiency and quality, to extend the life of the machine, preventing mold damage, reduce product defect rate, saving raw materials, reduce costs and save manpower. Using a robot can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Our company is a new high-tech robot manipulator, using lightweight design reduces wiring molding machine peripheral free space increases, power and other properties.   Pneumatic power manipulator, according to the site can choose a variety of installation space, it has reached the best results.1. Structure: Pneumatic power manipulator mainly by the installed base, host and fixture components.2. The mounting base is divided into: 1 column fixed base mobile 2. 3. 4. Fixed ceiling suspended ceiling suspended mobile;3. Fixture: generally based on customer provided workpiece dimensions to customize. 1. hook type jig generally; 2. crawl type; 3. chucking type; 4. inside rose type; 5 lifts type; 6 Clamping; 7 clamping flip type (90 ° or flip. 180 °);. 8 vacuum adsorption; 9 vacuum - turned (flipped 90 ° or 180 °), etc., as per the site of the workpiece and the environment to select and research and design, has reached the best results.4. Host: mainly by balancing off the boom cylinder and rigid multi-components, the main parameters for the lifting capacity and service radius. Model Working pressure(bar) The maximum service radius(m)(It can be adjusted according to the actual situation) Maximum lifting capacity(Kg) Maximum lifting stroke(m)(It can be adjusted according to the actual situation)HJZL-5052.5502HJZL-7552.5752HJZL-10052.51002HJZL-12552.51252HJZL-15052.51502HJZL-17552.51751.5HJZL-20052.52001.5HJZL-25052.52501.5HJZL-30052.53001.5HJZL-40052.54001.5HJZL-50052.5  5001.5                    Working radius and lifting travel according to the workpiece size and site requirements setPrinciple: The air pressure within the cylinder balancing fast and precise adjustment to achieve a certain weight range of the workpiece in real time balance. Depending on the workpiece weight lifting, you should choose the smallest models meet the maximum workpiece weight of the machine, if we use the maximum load of 200Kg 30Kg robot to carry the workpiece, the operating performance was not good, I feel very heavy. With a tank, you can continue to be used in case of a circular breathe, and it will alarm to alert the operator, the pressure drops to a certain extent, start self-locking function to prevent the decline of the workpiece. And a security system in the handling process or the workpiece is not placed in the safe surface, the operator can not release the workpiece. With non-standard fixture, power manipulator can lift a variety of shaped workpieces. Features:1. The entire balance, gravity and labor saving, carrying maximum traction weight less than two kilograms.3. Any rotary joint brakes, so that the body can be long-term or periodic maintenance of the required attitude.4. Breathe accident protection, keeping breathe attitude some time ago when the body does not fall from being accidentally breathe.5. Indicator in place to ensure that the product is sufficiently gripping and completely released.6. Misuse protection, the workpiece can not be released when the float.7. Integrated control handle, allowing the operator more convenient manipulation of the body.8. Surface protection to ensure the appearance of the workpiece will not be scratched.9. Crawl guide, zero-gravity suspension, so the work more efficient pickup, ensure precise positioning products random mobile docking.10. Energy saving, the whole no power, only a single access 5KG gas supply pipeline to complete all the work.11. Flexible structure to adapt to work in any work environment.12. Surface with permanent anti-rust coating.  

Automatic manipulator

An analog manually operated robot hand. It can be fixed program capture, manage moving objects or tools to complete certain operations. Applications robot can replace the person engaged in monotonous, repetitive or heavy physical labor, mechanization and automation of production, instead of human manual operation in hazardous environments, improve working conditions and to ensure personal safety, which is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics , light industry and atomic energy sectors. Industrial production sector, for high temperature, severe pollution of local handling of the workpiece and handling of materials. Additional means the robot hand is usually used as a machine tool or other machines, such as automatic machine or automatic production line handling and transfer of the workpiece, the replacement tool in machining centers, etc., generally do not have independent control device. Automatic robot application in forging industry to further develop the production capacity of forging equipment, improved thermal, tired and other working conditions.Technical Description1. Feeder work stations: multi-position2. The sheet maximum weight: 1000KG3. The maximum sheet size: 6000 × 2500mm (special specifications need to be designed)The transport speed: 20 seconds to 40 seconds to 60 seconds (depending on the workpiece and a plurality of stalls to choose from).5. Stacker maximum travel distance: 15m6. Stacker walking positioning accuracy: ± 1mmMain features1. Walking truss design to the operator leaving more room for maneuver, easy to ship and ensure operator safety.2. sucker car walking and lifting all driven by servo motors, flexible movement, precise positioning.3. Since the lift system to pressure glass, steel and other materials is small, so it can be stacked on the thin material.4. sucker car traveling round the use of high hardness nylon wheel bag, walking noise.5. The use of imported high-strength steel travel drive toothed belt, without lubrication, no noise.6. Using imported high-flex cable and ring towing, ensure long-term reliable operation.7. In addition to painting steel structure outside, all using spray, beautiful appearance.8. removable stacker makes stacking more flexible way.Click for more

Vacuum crane

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Electric cranes

Work intensity light from the column, the pivot arm, the rotary drive unit and chain hoist composition, the lower end of the column by anchor bolts in the concrete foundation, the cycloid means driving the boom swing, boom hoist workers for the word steel straight line running and lifting heavy objects. Arm is a hollow steel structure, light weight, span, lifting capacity, economical and durable. Built-in running gear, the use of special engineering plastics go round with rolling bearings, friction is small, brisk walking; small structure size, especially help to improve the hook travel. (The system can also be configured Pneumatic hoist domestic or imported) All specifications have a common bit: light weight, arm length, lifting capacity, installation, operation and maintenance simple. They are completely independent, and is an ideal job cranes, and applies to the outdoor yard and loading platform. Fixed column small footprint. For very small clearance under lifting situation can get maximum lifting height.     

Aerodynamic balance suspended

Aerodynamic balance suspended IntroductionAerodynamic balance suspended is a new product, it is more suitable than pneumatic hoist for handling products require precise positioning of the occasion. Aerodynamic balance suspended with the "floating" function, the operator discontinuity in the hands of more than 2Kg case, you can achieve maximum 400Kg manually upgrade, if no manual lifting function, the aerodynamic balance suspended a maximum load of 800Kg."Floating" has two pneumatic balancers: First 400mm floating up and down; the second is to float the whole trip up to 3 meters, select the appropriate products according to customer situation. Having breathe protection in case of sudden loss, ensure that the workpiece does not drop, drop. There are self-locking function to prevent too fast. Aerodynamic balance suspended lifting at an alarming rate, the fastest up to 1 m / sec. Since aerodynamic balance suspended by rope to lift, so the workpiece center of gravity must be located directly below the rope. With non-standard fixture, pneumatic balancers can lift a variety of shaped workpieces. Installation forms can be used with jib cranes or rail to achieve movement.

KBK flexible combination system of standard components

JKBK modular suspension KBK crane construction kit called standard components. Is a combination of suspension, track, turnouts, walking car components, electric hoist, mobile power supply device (slip line) and a control device such as a combination. As the product is simply hanging in the roof or beam frame plant material can achieve direct air transport, it is widely used in industries or sectors of material handling systems.Standard straight section track.Uses: Can multi-butt straight into the monorail conveyor line, you can also install multiple segments butt into two straight track for flexible suspension crane bigger car orbit, it can also be combined into a standard paragraph or two standard sections parallel flexible suspension crane girder.Standard elbow.Uses: can be directly connected with a combination of straight track into a curve or circular monorail lineCross-shaped fork (dial), V-type fork.Purpose: with the standard combination of monorail track butt bored transport network. Various forms of technology to meet the layout requirements.

Robot System

Suzhou Chun Automation Machinery Limited production of robots, and covers the spot welding, arc welding, handling, coating, assembly, laser processing robot applications, has been widely used in motor vehicles and parts manufacturing, engineering machinery, electronics assembly, logistics Wujinjiaodian and other industries, can provide customers with a complete robotics solutions and turnkey projects. The company based on customer and project actual needs, the robot, the product with its own strong R & D capability, advanced technology and equipment and improve the service system for seamless integration, give full play to their advantages of technology and resources to provide customers with the most good international solutions.Robot Application:Motor vehicles and parts manufacturingMechanical engineeringElectronic assembly areasFoundry IndustryPlastics processing industryLogistics and other industries WujinjiaodianRobot Advantages:System is suitable for a wide range, improve production efficiencyOptimize product quality, highly consistent product quality assuranceReduce production costs and management costsAdapt to a variety of multi-species productionFor complex three-dimensional shape of the workpiece machining automationRapid response product adjustment, improve equipment utilization



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