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  “Continuous optimization, continuous innovation, sharing and service” is our consistent business philosophy. All Haijun people will continue to vigorously promote product modularization, industry standardization, and maintain long-term strategic partnership with customers. Improve the logistics management, information management, supply chain management and production equipment level of manufacturing enterprises; further promote the innovation and technology of industrial automation, and create innovative technologies for producing high-performance.



Glass production line



Wheel detection



Coil production line



Automatic welding test line



Automated production line rendering



Automated material library and production line



Automatic packing line



Overall layout



Scope of business:

Design, manufacture, sale and installation of automated assembly logistics system equipment, painting system equipment, storage racking system equipment, etc.


Factory size:

Shanghai (2 factories), Jiangsu (3 factories)


Technology Partners:

Suzhou Computer Research Institute, Xinsong Robot, Eston Robot, Suzhou University Mechanical College, Suzhou Electromechanical Design Institute, Suzhou Haijun Automation Machinery Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haier Robot Company, ABB Robot Company, Mitsubishi Robot Company, Yaskawa Robot, etc.


Design ability:

1. Overall engineering design, complete equipment design, manufacturing and technology introduction of final assembly, packaging and other factories

2. Factory Logistics System Solution Planning


Company's service commitment

During drawing design work

Ø Use computer AutoCAD\SOLIDWORKS\UG to assist in design, to achieve accurate, high quality work;

Ø Design data for all components is based on contractual technology agreements;

Ø Stay in close contact with Party A technical engineers;

Ø All home-made equipment is designed to be technologically advanced, practical, reliable, and secure;

Ø Detailed drawing approval and signing work with Party A technical engineers;

Ø Carefully complete the revision of the drawings proposed by Party A technical engineers;

Ø One-stop service from process development, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, customer training, etc.  

During equipment manufacturing

Ø Carefully complete all component process development to ensure process advancement;

Ø All parts are produced and materials are based on contract technical conditions (signature) drawings;

Ø All parts are beautifully made and accessible.  

During construction

Ø Carefully develop on-site construction plans, organize and arrange construction workers to install equipment;

Ø The positioning and installation of all equipment is based on contractual technical conditions (signature drawings);

Ø Listen carefully to Party A's technical engineering staff's comments on the site construction;

Ø Regularly review and summarize each work according to the construction plan, and adjust the projects that may be postponed;

Ø As long as the construction quality is guaranteed, the project completion time should be as early as possible.  

During on-site commissioning

Ø develop on-site commissioning plans, organize and arrange construction personnel for equipment commissioning;

Ø promptly notify Party A to arrange for the operator to participate in the commissioning work and prepare for early production;

Ø during the commissioning process, as much as possible for the operation of Party A operators;

Ø Develop detailed equipment information and instructions for delivery to Party A.

After-sales service

Ø Equipment Warranty Period: 12 months after the acceptance of the installation and commissioning is the equipment warranty period;

Ø Party B's responsibilities during the warranty period:

Responsible for free resolution of all quality problems caused by the normal use of the equipment caused by Party B, including replacement of equipment parts, mechanical and electrical failures and other problems; the supplier must be written in Party A Send the person to the site for repair within 2~72 hours after the notification;

Ø Technical support after the expiration of the warranty:

Party B shall provide technical support to Party A in a timely manner after the expiration of the equipment warranty period;


If there are some problems that are easy to handle on the equipment, Party B shall provide free consultation to Party A; if there are major problems, Party B shall send personnel to the site for repair within 2~72 hours after receiving written notice from Party A. Charges: Replacement parts and components are charged at actual cost, and labor costs are negotiated.