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Tell you how to buy injection molding machine manipulator

With the rapid development of intelligent industry, our injection molding industry has been using injection molding machine robot instead of manual for automatic water spout cutting, in-mold inserting, in-mold labeling, out-of-mold assembly, shaping, sorting, stacking, product packaging, mold optimization and so on. This can reduce heavy physical labor, improve labor conditions and safety production; improve the production efficiency of injection molding machines, stabilize product quality, reduce the scrap rate, reduce production costs, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. So what are the considerations when we buy injection molding machine manipulator? We Comans robots manufacturers outlined as follows.
2021-06-18 0

Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences develops new nanogold contrast agent

[Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a new nano-gold contrast agent] Recently, Tian Jie's team at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with scientists from home and abroad, has made important progress in the research on the integration of diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors using the emerging photoacoustic imaging technology and photothermal therapy. Early diagnosis and precise staging of tumors, etc. are currently challenging clinical challenges to improve patient treatment efficacy and survival cycle.
2018-11-17 0

"Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence" Science and Technology Frontier Forum held in Beijing

Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence" Science and Technology Frontier Forum was held in Beijing With the theme of brain science and artificial intelligence, this forum discussed the current development status of brain science and artificial intelligence from two topics: how brain science supports the development of artificial intelligence and the situation and development of brain-like intelligence, which is conducive to further strengthening the intersection of the two disciplines and the collision of ideas.
2018-11-17 0
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Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes

The working strength is light, consisting of column, slewing arm, slewing drive device and electric chain hoist. The lower end of column is fixed on the concrete foundation through the foot bolt, and the cantilever is driven by the cycloid reduction device to slew, and the electric hoist makes straight running left and right on the cantilever I-beam, and lifts heavy objects. The cantilever is a hollow steel structure, with light self-weight, large span, large lifting capacity, economic and durable. Built-in walking mechanism, using special engineering plastic wheels with rolling bearings, low friction, light walking; small structure size, especially conducive to improving the hook stroke. (The system can also be configured with domestic or imported full pneumatic hoists.) All specifications have a common advantage: light dead weight, long swing arm, high lifting capacity, easy installation, operation and maintenance. They are completely self-contained, making them an ideal workstation crane and suitable for outdoor yards and loading platforms. The fixed column footprint is small. Maximum lifting height can be obtained even for very small lifting clearances
Vacuum suction crane

Vacuum suction crane

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Fully automated robots

Fully automated robots

An automatic manipulator that simulates manual operation. It can grasp and carry objects or manipulate tools according to a fixed procedure to complete certain specific operations. The application of manipulators can replace people engaged in monotonous, repetitive or heavy physical labor, achieve mechanization and automation of production, replace the manual operation of people in harmful environments, improve labor conditions, ensure personal safety, and therefore widely used in mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy and other sectors. Industrial production sectors, for picking and placing workpieces and loading and unloading materials in high-temperature, heavily polluted areas. Automatic manipulators are often used as add-on devices to machine tools or other machines, such as loading, unloading and transferring workpieces on automatic machine tools or automatic production lines, changing tools in machining centers, etc., generally without independent control devices. The application of automatic manipulators in the forging industry can further develop the production capacity of forging equipment and improve labor conditions such as heat and tiredness. 
Smart Lifter

Smart Lifter

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