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Cantilever crane

Cantilever crane

The working intensity is light, composed of column, rotary arm, rotary drive device and chain electric hoist, the lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation through the anchor bolt, driven by cycloid reducer cantilever rotary, electric hoist in the cantilever I steel for about straight line operation, and lifting heavy objects. The spiral arm is hollow steel structure, light weight, large span, large lifting weight, economic and durable. Built-in walking mechanism, using special engineering plastic walking wheel with rolling bearing, small friction force, walking light; Small size, especially to improve the hook stroke. (The system can also be configured with domestic or imported full pneumatic hoist) All specifications have a common advantage: light weight, long rotary arm, large lifting weight, installation, operation, maintenance is simple. They are fully self-contained and are ideal for job cranes and for outdoor yards and loading platforms. The fixed column covers a small area. Maximum lift height can be obtained with very small lift headroom
Vacuum suction crane

Vacuum suction crane

The equipment adopts vacuum pump negative pressure station as the vacuum generating device, automatic vacuum degree adjustable control, vacuum pump maintenance is convenient, the whole equipment is equipped with 6 vacuum suckers, multi-point adsorption to ensure that the steel plate in the process of handling can maintain a high level without tilt; The position of each sucker on the beam is adjustable, and the position of each beam on the main beam is also adjustable. At the same time, each sucker is equipped with a manual ball valve to control the opening and closing, so as to ensure that the same equipment is suitable for steel plates up to 3000mm
Fully automatic manipulator

Fully automatic manipulator

The utility model relates to an automatic manipulator operated by simulating human hands. It can be fixed procedures to grab, carry objects or handle tools to complete some specific operations. The application of manipulator can replace people engaged in monotonous, repetitive or heavy manual labor, to achieve the mechanization and automation of production, to replace people in the harmful environment of manual operation, improve working conditions, to ensure personal safety, so widely used in mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy and other departments. Industrial production departments, used in high temperature, serious pollution in the place to take out work parts and loading and unloading materials. Automatic manipulator is usually used as an additional device for machine tools or other machines, such as loading and unloading and transferring the workpiece on automatic machine tools or automatic production lines, and changing the tool in the machining center, generally without independent control devices. The application of automatic manipulator in forging industry can further develop the production capacity of forging equipment and improve the working conditions such as heat and fatigue.
Intelligent hoist

Intelligent hoist

1. Adjust the position of the spinner according to the position of the material to begin to lift the material, and then move the material to the specified position through the rotating joint and intelligent elevator. After laying down the material, circulate the next workflow.

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